Blade Blanks


Blade Blanks

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As part of my mission to make great knives accessible to everyone, I offer my knife blades at a significant discount for those who would like to make their own custom handle. This is an inexpensive way to get a quality knife at a reasonable price. I started by purchasing blade blanks and making my own handles before I transitioned to bladesmithing. This is an opportunity to make a knife that fits your exact needs and specifications.

Each blade is hand forged from 1084 or other high carbon steel of my choosing. This steel is tough and will maintain a very fine edge. If another type of steel is desired i.e. W2, O1, 1095 or other steel please contact me directly.



  • 3.5" or less blade - $45

  • >3.5” to 7” blade - $75

  • 8” to 10” blade - $100

**There is 3 to 4 week lead time on orders


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