This coming fall I am attending graduate school to earn a Master of Forestry degree. Due to this change of lifestyle and circumstances, I will be taking fewer custom orders. Custom orders will be accepted on a case by case basis. However, I will continue to have knives and tools for sale on the "Product" page as they become available. 

To order, please use the contact form below. 

If you are interested in ordering a woodcraft or bushcraft knife please consider my pre-designed knife models below. Each model is fully customizable to your specifications. 

If you are interested in any other blacksmithing work please contact me directly with project specifics. 

All prices are determined on an order by order basis


Little carver knife sketch.png

The Little Carver

This little knife is the perfect small knife to take with you out in the woods. This knife has a hand forged high carbon steel blade with a slightly convex grind. This knife is available with either 1084, W2, or O1 blade. Customer design request welcome. Price upon request. 

The Woodcrafter Knife sketch.png

The Woodcrafter

If you are like me and like to do projects out in the woods, this is the knife for you. The handle is a standard barrel shaped handle, which allows for many different grips. The blade is hand forged from either 1095, 1084, W2 or O1 steel.

The forest Companion knife sketch.png

The Forest Companion

The Forest Companion is my constant companion while cruising timber in the Vermont woods. It sits comfortably on my hip until I take it out to cut my apple for lunch or carve a small fork to eat my lunch with. This knife has a comfortable hardwood handle with an antler spacer. The blade is available in 1095, 1084, W2 or O1 steel. Customer design alterations welcome. Price upon request. 

The Modern Scandi Knive Sketch.png

The Modern Scandi

It's hard to improve on the tried and true Scandinavian design and I do not claim to do that. This knife is different and uses modern handle materials to make this an incredibly durable knife. Rather than a traditional flat or convex grind, this knife has a very slightly concave hollow grind that allows it to just slice through anything it comes in contact with. This knife is only available in either W2 or O1 high carbon tool steel.

The Picea Knife sketch.png

The Picea

This is a bushcraft knife, plain and simple. The blade on the Picea is slightly thicker than my other offerings and has a slight drop point to maximize the strength and durability of the blade. The handle is constructed using through tang construction with a peened tang to hold everything together. The barrel shaped handle allows for many different gripping options to maximize the efficiency of the knife. This knife blade is available in 1084 or O1 High carbon steel. Customer design alterations welcome. Price upon request. 

The Ostrya Knife Sketch.png

The Ostrya

This is my version of the traditional Scandinavian Leuku knife. This knife was originally used to break the rib bones when processing reindeer out in the field. Today I use this knife for any heavy chopping tasks I have. It sits in between my Forest Companion and my boys axe in my field kit. This knife is forged from either 1084 or O1 steel. The handle is hardwood with brass bolsters. Customer design alterations welcome. Price upon request. 


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